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The competing photographers

Beatrice Speranza

Beatrice Speranza, born in Lucca, graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Florence.
Her studies helped her to develop her passion for image and composition, which, combined with her sensitivity, flowed spontaneously into her photography. Beatrice Speranza’s intuitions arise from the observation of reality, from the desire to document worlds that are commonplace to us, which we sometimes look at fleetingly.
Her strong curiosity and intuition led her to try her hand at various collaborations and artistic experiments in design, graphics, video and land art. Collaborations were also born with writers such as Andrea Bocconi and Margherita Loy (Presences and Words) , Francesca Caminoli, Chicca Gagliardo and Pia Pera.
Since 2010 she has been exhibiting her works, both in photography and design, in various spaces both in Italy and abroad. With her intimate and personal research, in recent years Beatrice has felt the need to return to craftsmanship and has worked on her images with small embroidery in woollen thread (Presences). Her work has been commissioned to communicate the image of large companies such as ITEMA (world leader in the production of looms in the fashion industry) and for the 70th Anniversary of FAEMA (manufacturer of the famous professional coffee machines), and chosen by the editorial staff for the photographic culture magazine Eyesopen! Magazine . 
In 2013, Clarice Pecori Giraldi, an institution in the world of auction houses and at the time director of Christie’s, wanted her in one of the auctions in Palazzo Clerici in Milan, dedicated exclusively to photography (We care about the look) and some of Beatrice’s works are in her private collection. 
In 2016 she was chosen by the artistic direction of the Photolux Festival for one of the 5 meetings with emerging artists that were held at the Leica Store in Bologna.
In 2019 she was invited by the Mia Photo Fair commission to exhibit her projects with embroidered photos, Presences, receiving great attention from the press and public and was awarded the RaM Sarteano Prize.


© Beatrice Speranza - Welcome the sky

© Beatrice Speranza - To heaven listening

© Beatrice Speranza - Anchor to the earth

© Beatrice Speranza - Ascension

© Beatrice Speranza - Crucifix on the Lagazuoi

© Beatrice Speranza - Open hearts

© Beatrice Speranza - ... and there was heaven and earth

© Beatrice Speranza - Equilibria

© Beatrice Speranza - Soul flakes

© Beatrice Speranza - Travelling

© Beatrice Speranza - In flight

© Beatrice Speranza - Tears of fairies

© Beatrice Speranza - Tie the earth to the sky

© Beatrice Speranza - Open hand

© Beatrice Speranza - For a lifetime

© Beatrice Speranza - Weave the sky