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Lagazuoi Photo Award 2022


The winner of the Lagazuoi Photo Award 2022

Beniamino Sciabica

The winner of this edition, Beniamino Sciabica, was awarded for his video "2752 metres above sea level", that proves his excellent talent for audiovisual composition, in which he poetically, aesthetically and ironically expresses some contradictory aspects of the perception of the high mountains.

The presence of people, architecture, history and technology are a counterpoint to the impressive and wonderful nature of these places. The portrait of a natural experience is the simplest definition of "landscape".

According to the jurors, the young winner managed to show the complexity and the ambiguity in the tangle of man, nature and technology in the mountain landscape as well as the parallel realities of tourism and work, leisure and business. Capturing the silence and the subtle melodies of nature together with the noise of restaurants and cable cars, which create a dynamic rhythm of the mountains with all their different time frames and speeds.

The quality of the photography is partly spectacular and highly professional, and then very enigmatic, banal or deliberately amateurish, capturing different perspectives and creating a visual and auditory landscape that is rich and complex in harmonies and dissonances.

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